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The visitors of my site are mainly interested in my professional qualifications as developer and administrator of database systems. Thats’s why I give you a short resume. If you are in need of this sort of know-how, then you would probably like to learn more about my experience and philosophy, i.e. what I think about the future  of database technology, which role I can possibly fill in this play and how I can help you. The pages “About DBLAB” and “Reminiscence” will drop some hints.

PFB my short resume.

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Member of the German Association of Independent IT-Professionals

NOTE: It was hard work to pass the Oracle and MySQL exams. I therefore ask you kindly for your understanding that I have branded the certification logos and integrated them in a resume which is deployed as Adobe-Plugin. The branding will be difficult to crack, but as everyone knows, it is no protection against abuse. Please see ORACLE’s own statement on the topic of protecting the validity of certifications and a new self-service tool to verify certification to 3rd parties like hiring managers at the foot of this page.

Mo 14.09.2009 11:48

Dear Mr. Körtgen,

This is, unfortunately, one of the dangers of allowing candidates to post their logos electronically. They can be stolen. However, we have tried to balance the risk of having logos posted electronically with the benefit that it provides to our candidates. One reassuring fact is that it takes more than a stolen logo graphic to make a candidate certified. If a candidate does not have the training or experience, this will quickly come out in an interview and will certainly be discovered during the due diligence of verifying certification. We encourage hiring companies to request the ID card that is provided to OCPs and OCMs and to also have the candidate request that Oracle verify the certification for the hiring manager.

An unscrupulous person can claim certification without having a logo on his or her resume. They still will be found out during certification verification.

All that said, there are 3rd party tools that can deter this activity to a certain extent. A quick google search will help to produce results that will assist you.

Additionally, later this month we are releasing a new tool for certified individuals that will show their certification and exam history, provide the logo graphics and provide a self-service tool to verify certification to 3rd parties (like hiring managers). This will streamline certification verification and hopefully encourage more companies to demand official verification of certification.

We hope this helps to alleviate some of your fears. We are very committed to protecting the validity of your certification and we always appreciate any feedback or suggestions from the field.


OCP Team