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=> Managing databases has become more important than writing SQL

=> Databases & Fusion Middleware in a changing IT World

=> Teaching newcomers in a changing DBA world is a must

Database Laboratory is the name which I gave to my business presence as freelancer many years ago. The fields of activity have changed strongly over the years. I began as a database programmer who had to take care of the database management and the system administration, too. This was normal job up to the mid-nineties.

Progress in the SQL standardization made programmers and IT enterprises arrogant up to a certain degree which was based on the mix of SQL language for database clients with SQL language for database servers. If one only knows the client part of the language but doesn’t know  anything about the server part of the language, then one is easily led to the incorrect assumption that one can actually handle all database servers. Please surf the Net for "database agnostic programming" or have a look at certain project tenders at “freelancermap” or other appropriate sites where professional expertise of Oracle, DB2, Sybase, MySQL and MS-SQL is demanded from a single-trained database administrator at a price for which a master craftsperson would never do a hand’s turn.

In the Roman Catholic canon law there is the concept of "ignorantia crassa et supita", i.e. "fat and intended ignorance" for such a behavior of customers and project agencies. Believe me that I earned some money supporting such customers  who asked me for help abashedly because their reliable application had got extremely slow and unstable after a very short time.

Fact is: as a programmer I have always tried to write elegant and well performing code, however, I had to see in 2005 that the elegance of my code got more and more unimportant, because the underlying base technology – the database server itself - was not configured, managed, waited on and understood correctly. Exactly this became inevitable because of the data emerge getting bigger and bigger. Experts guess that the global data emerge up to the year 2015 will be 30 times and in mobile phone networks 300 times as high as today in fixed networks, which answers the question why managing databases has become more important than writing elegant SQL. In addition, today’s programmers don’t write any more SQL, but rather let SQL-generators do the work and rely on the DBAs to provide performance.

I therefore have consistently focused on managing and tuning the two most well-known database systems of the world, Oracle and MySQL, which - as fate would have it -  live under one company roof now. This had especially in Germany aroused a lot of fears and worries, which were completely unfounded, but rather were deeply rooted in a typically German inclination towards ideologically dogmatic polarization. The MySQL and Java Communities under the roof of Oracle are living proof of that point of view.

This is a brief summary of the history of my Database Laboratory. The rapid development of the job outline of the DBA which distinguishes in the meantime between Technical DBA, Application DBA, Net DBA, Troubleshooting DBA, Tuning DBA, Backup&Recovery DBA and so on, should be mentioned and emphasized here as well.

Oracle Technology is constantly moving and I feel, that Fusion Middleware, especially Business Intelligence, is going to take it’s place in a changing IT World. For me that means: I will keep to the DBA side, but I will go extra miles to understand Fusion Middleware with the intention to better support the diversitiy of ETL processes,which are the basis of all this.

During the years I have accompanied some young DBA colleagues on their road - Germans, Russians, Indians, Egyptians ... With Oracle12c, a big step forward, it is harder for newcomers to keep pace. They need additional assistance in training. So I have made up my mind to take more action in education. That’s why I have reactivated my experience as a teacher, i.e. I have started an additional career as an instructor on behalf of Oracle University, specialised for DBA topics.




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