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Here used to be the download page of my in-house developed monitoring tools, mainly the server version called smonitor.ksh ( stands for Server Monitoring ) and cmonitor.ksh ( stands for Client Monitoring )

If have stopped to offer the download for a simple reason: these tools are written purely in kornshell. The kornshell is omnipresent on every Unix / Linux - System. The tools run even on the oldest ksh releases. This is what a DBA really needs, when he is confronted with the most crude environments at 3:00 AM.

I had passed the tools to some colleagues. They could  only use them, but not adapt them to their requirements, environments, etc. If one is not very keen with the kornshell, he will not be able to help himself in case of any problem, enhancement, new features, etc.

Therefore I have encouraged young DBA colleagues to develop their own frameworks and integrate useful scripts, shells etc. There are so many good blogs and script  repsositories

ANNOUNCEMENT: I will publish and enhance the scripts on a new github project. As the scripts are a combination of SqlDeveloper and Enterprise Manager and do much more than just monitoring, the working title wil be MyEM.