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Romantic reminiscence of the past -

=> or about negative group stereotypes and why emotional intelligence is so important in economics

=> positive trend: more companies understand and accept emotional & social intelligence

In the past I wrote far too much where a few lines would have sufficed. Perhaps Goethe was right when he wrote to his friend Eckermann: “You excuse that the letter has got that long – I had no time".

Thank God the psychological reason for my verbose writing has been overcome meanwhile. I felt the idiotic need in the past as a trained scolar and social scientist competing with natural scientists and technicians to demonstrate my intellectual superiority. It is a bit embarrassing for me to confess that this negative group stereotype of intellectuals as incompetent IT staff has baffled me. But things have changed and in many IT companies scolars and social scientists with proven IT skills are employed with pleasure, simply because the combination of analytic, creative and emotional intelligence has turned out to be the key of success - at least the most important American and Japanese companies have been applying this staff policy for more than 10 years. (Among many other publications I’d like to refer to D. Goleman “Working with Emotional Intelligence”, 1998 and “Social Intelligence”, 2006). The German companies usually do not move with the times and will probably never understand that their lack of emotional intelligence will kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. However, an interesting countermovement can be watched with trained computer scientists not only in Germany who increasingly like to deal with more or less esoteric sciences and arts.

“Understanding, accepting and living sustainability” - my eyes nearly popped of my head when reading this motto for the Deutsche Telekom Sustainability Days. May be, that the Telekom and other companies pay lip service, but the way to action begins as an intention in the mind and passes via the lips. So there is hope for emotional and social intelligence to thrive and prosper in IT companies. Nevertheless beware of the old saying, that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

As I, however, had some wonderful thoughts - particularly on philosophy and  inner martial arts - and a small but brilliant demo application on my former sites, it would break my heart to submit all this to the evolutionary graveyard, primarily because  of the fascinating graphics behind some links.

So here is the link to my former pages - enjoy it, provided you understand German.

Some visitors have complained that the demo application is too difficult to detect among the other pages. So here is the direct link to the demo application . Login as gast1 or gast2 without using a password and follow the online documentation.