ZEN for the IT Crowd -

or back to the basics

You folks like that fantastic mystical stuff: Lord of the Rings, King Arthur’s Excalibur and Round Tables, the Holy Grale up to the Da Vinci Code and Spamalot, Richard Wagner’s Ring cycle  and so on with the thousands of products of our modern dream factories. And why not have some fun? There is no reason to blame anyone for that. At work our emotions are underemployed. In freetime our families and friends freeze us off. One must not be surprised if the emotional vacuum is looking for some fashionable substitute. Of course you know that it is dream-boats and that dreams are ten a penny.

Foundation of the site: 2005

Last Update:


Probably you have  tried occasionally to find something on the other side of the dream-boats. Getting started usually is a disaster - remember the “Getting Started”-chapters you ploughed through and you know what I mean. Leaving a dream-boat and clearing your mind takes much more time, some say several lifes. My own experience has taught me one thing: the original is better than the dummies they want to sell to you. The crucial criterion is clarity. That is true both in IT and in ZEN or equivalent disciplines. There is nothing wrapped in mystery in basic texts of mystical traditions like ZEN, Tibetan Tantric Buddhism (Dzogchen) or some parts of Christian Mystics - odd thing, isn’t it? Since I am not an expert for other traditions such as Sufi or Kabbala, I cannot judge these.

Some IT friends asked me to arrange a small bibliography with less well-known clear texts here and I hope that my limited time will allow me to complete it.

I’m going to think over the concept of this bibliography because my son told me that it’s not professional. Wow, the world has turned complicated - I just wanted to do a favour to some friends. But meanwhile please take a small string of quotes of an extraordinary ZEN - Master, who for dying assembled with his friends and pupils, took a brush, painted the Chinese character for "dream" and died.  - If you understand clearly what this means, then you are about to leave your dream-boat.

Please refer to the subsequent pages and forgive me, that they are still under construction. When I will retire next year, I hopefully will complete the articles and add new ones - there are so many in my mind already.